Tea – Good News About Your Favorite Drink

It’s been just a few whirlwind months since I realized I was to devote myself to the tea faith. Around the time of the 2008 elections, I gave up all caffeine. No more tea for me, and no coffee or chocolate or anything else like that Find spiritual tea.

It was easier than I thought to go off caffeine. I had headaches and drowsiness, but I read a lot about just what caffeine does to you, and I knew I didn’t really need it to think more sharply or to function better.

I was off caffeine for a few months but I ended up grabbing the occasional cuppa and having just a raving party during those exciting times. Eventually I knew I needed to go back to the tea, and when I did I was on my way to complete devotion.

I had to go without the tea in order to know just what it meant to me. When I was off the caffeine, I marveled at how fearless I felt. I was greatly encouraged now that I was free of what I considered the “fearmonger,” coffee.

However, for a few years I’d drunk mostly tea, and I found out later on that tea is very different from coffee. Sure, they both contain caffeine. But in essence, their effects on your mind, body, and spirit are virtually opposite.

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